The Dragon Rider returns!

The last winged horses are on the brink of extinction. At a sanctuary for threatened creatures, the home of a young dragon rider and his silver dragon, three foals lie curled up in their eggs. The foals are in great danger and the only cure seems to be the sun-feather of a griffin. But griffins, creatures with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, are a dragon's fiercest enemy, and they live far across the world in the sweltering jungle. A dangerous and exciting adventure begins ...

The sequel to Cornelia Funke’s international bestseller!


A fantastic audiobook adventure with Ben and his silver dragon Firedrake

Cover - Dragon Rider - The Griffin's Feather

Audiobook details

Author: Cornelia Funke
Read by: Marc Thompson & the author
Unabridged audiobook: ca. 574 minutes

Staged reading accompanied by scenic sound design and music

From the Norwegian forest to the wild jungle of Indonesia: In the sequel to Dragon Rider, Marc Thompson is the voice of Ben, Barnabas and Firedrake. He takes our ears and minds on a unique journey, effortlessly transforming his voice from the deep rumble of a troll to the lisp of a tiny homunculus. Cornelia Funke introduces her story with an emotional preface and speaks the part of Guinever and Vita Greenbloom, Ben’s sister and mother.

Music, sounddesign, production & direction: German Wahnsinn Team. Featuring: Lute / Theorbe: Rolf Lislevand, Violin / Viola: Stefan Pintev, Cello: Boris Matchinm, Transverseflute: Leandro Saint-Hill, Vocals: Benedikt Ruchay.

Audiobook details

Author: Cornelia Funke
Read by: Marc Thompson & the author
Unabridged audiobook: ca. 555 minutes
Formate: 10 CDs finished in a lavishly designed box with gold foil and embossing or as download

25 $ / 21,99 €


Who’s Who? Meet all (fabulous) creatures!

Illustration von Ben Wiesengrund

Ben Greenbloom

Ben, aged fourteen, lives with his adopted family, the Greenblooms, at MÍMAMEIÐR. His best friend is the silver dragon Firedrake!

Illustration von Barnabas Wiesengrund

Barnabas Greenbloom

Barnabas Greenbloom is Ben’s adopted father and the cofounder of FREEFAB, an organization for the conservation of endangered creatures.

Illustration von Lung


Firedrake is a silver dragon and found a refugium in the valley of the Rim of Heaven for the last dragons in the world. His best friends are the Scottish brownie Sorrel and his dragon rider Ben.

Illustration von Schwefelfell


Sorrel is a Scottish Brownie and Firedrake’s companion. Every dragon needs a brownie, even if the brownies can be bad-tempered at times.

Illustration von Fliegenbein


Twigleg is a homunculus, a human being artificially created by an alchemist. He is Ben’s devoted, though not very brave companion who would do anything for his master.

Illustration von Lola Grauschwanz

Lola Graytail

Lola Graytail, a daredevil rat, is an aviator who performs aerobatic stunts and is the best scout anyone could wish for.

Illustration von Hothbrodd


Hothbrodd is a rather grumpy but good-hearted diurnal troll. He carves wonderful things with his knife and is able to talk to trees.

Illustration von Ànemos


Ànemos is a Pegasus stallion and the last of his kind. After the death of his companion Synnefo, the three unborn foals are his only consolation.

Illustration von Me-Rah


Me-Rah is a nervous chattering lory who guides Ben and his friends to Pulau Bulu.

Illustration von TerTaWa


TerTaWa is a gibbon and Shrii’s faithful companion. He is quite clever and when he jumps, it almost looks like he’s flying.

Illustration von Shrii


Shrii is a griffin and was born on Pulau Bulu. He has a colorful plumage and rebels against Kraa’s rule.

Illustration von Kraa


Kraa is a griffin and more than a thousand years old. He is originally from the desert but is now the cruel leader of the griffins on the island Pulau Bulu.

The places for adventure Explore a world full of fabulous creatures!



MÍMAMEIÐR is a secret conservation station for fabulous creatures in Norway and the home of the Greenblooms.

Saum des Himmels - Skizze

The Rim of Heaven

The Rim of Heaven is the remote Himalayan valley which is not only the new home of the dragons but also of many stone dwarfs and six-armed brownies.

Garuda’s Temple

Garuda is the God of birds. In his temple our adventurers meet lots of different bird species. But which of the birds might know the way to the griffins?

Pulau Bulu - Skizze

Pulau Bulu

Indonesia consists of thousands of islands. One of them is Pulau Bulu where Barnabas and Ben suspect to find griffins.

One story – two voices

Sprecherin und Autorin - Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke is the New York Times best-selling author of the Inkheart trilogy, The Thief Lord and a host of popular children’s novels and picture books. Cornelia initially worked as an illustrator but soon began writing her own stories. Her international breakthrough came with the fantasy novel Dragon Rider, which spent 78 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

Sprecher - Rainer Strecker

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson has been voice acting for 15 years. He has worked on everything from cartoons to commercials. His versatility and creativity have allowed him to give countless memorable performances. He is the narrator of numerous Star Wars audio books including the Legacy of the Force and Fate of the Jedi series.


How to produce an audiobook A glimpse behind the scenes



»Again and again, the author herself stresses how her stories come to life completely only through voices and sound:
"The Griffin’s Feather" is literally the breathing proof.«


»Best children’s audiobook ever!«


»The unabridged reading of the latest Funke book is just as magical as its content. Both Rainer Strecker and Cornelia Funke are so vigorous in their performance, it’s a breeze following the rescuers from the Indonesian Jungle back to the Pegasus eggs in MIMAMEIDR in a flash. A fabulous listening pleasure – the story of a world full of magical creatures has never been told with more beauty. […]«


»With great vocal versatility, Rainer Strecker illuminates a fantastic story. In combination with dramatic music and a beautifully designed CD case, this audiobook makes for a precious listening treasure.«

Winner of the best-of hr2 audiobooks

»A wild, fantastic adventure, powerfully narrated in this audiobook. A thrilling pleasure!«

Deutschlandradio Kultur

»[…] Rainer Strecker’s performance is extremely versatile. Croaking, lisping and grumbling like there’s no tomorrow – right up to the big showdown which almost takes your breath away. […]
A true must-have for "Dragon Rider“ fans. We dare say: The audiobook is even better.«

BÜCHER Magazin

»Rainer Strecker is quite literally a fabulous narrator. With great enthusiasm, he lends each character a unique voice. It’s a smooth transition to an audio drama. […] The production studio German Wahnsinn really splashed out: The music displays Hollywood-like opulence without ever disrupting the narrative flow – and that’s a good thing. This audiobook is proof that a cross between a reading and an audio play can work marvelously, resulting in massive listening pleasure.«



Atmende Bücher What or who is Atmende Bücher

Das Team von Atmende Bücher (von li. nach re.): Cornelia Funke, Julia Meier, Donate Altenburger, Eduardo García

The Atmende Bücher team (from le. to ri.): Cornelia Funke, Julia Meier, Donate Altenburger, Eduardo García

What is Atmende Bücher?

Cornelia Funke has always been fascinated with the spoken word. Aiming for more artistic and economic freedom, she and audio book producer Eduardo García established the audio label Atmende Bücher (as a pendant to Funke’s own USA book label Breathing Books).

The sound artists of the recording studio German Wahnsinn make Cornelia’s books breathe: Lavish sound design, cinematic compositions and meticulously recorded voices form a marvelous soundtrack, thrilling the listener and guiding them through a fascinating sonic experience.

What we are excited about …

We are planning one to two productions a year according to Cornelia’s book publications. To compensate for the time in between, we produce some of Cornelia’s short stories – being able to quickly put these projects into motion is what makes Atmende Bücher so special!